Physics Practical Journal cum book for X (English)


Elevate your lab experience with our meticulously crafted Physics Practical Journal cum – book! Combining clarity with precision, this journal is designed to help you to master the essentials of each experiment, fostering a hands-on approach to learning science.


This Practical Journal cum – book offers step-by-step guidance, comprehensive procedures, futuristic trends, real life applications of challenging experiment and much more. Your journey through science both educational and enjoyable.

Main Hightlights:

1. SLO Based Experiments
2. Self Explanatory Content
3. Step-By-Step Procedure Guides
4. Own Creativity Reflection Observation
5. Creative And Understandable Diagram Section
6. Safety For All – Precautions
7. Real Life Applications
8. Futuristic Trends
9. Connection Words – Good To Know
10. Practical Assesment – Viva Voice
11. Student Friendly Workspace

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