English Grade I – VIII  

The English-language skills acquired at school level often determine children’s future academic success and effectiveness in social interaction. With a comprehensive learning package of language skills, Turnkey English trains school learners to use English confidently for academic purposes and real-life communication.

Engaging text: A rich selection of stories, folktales, anecdotes, biographies,  real stories,            factual writing, plays, poems and rhymes.

Core skills: Reading and comprehension – factual, inferential, reflective and evaluative.

Vocabulary – contextual, thematic and general.

Grammar and usage.

Identification of sounds and pronunciation ,Listening and speaking .

Writing – functional and creative.

Purposive organization:

Well-graded, cross-referenced and contextually organized practice tasks; space for written responses

Colourful illustrations: Imaginative, intriguing and attractive pictures to accompany text; contemporary layout