Social Studies Grade I – VIII

Turnkey Publishers Social Study is a comprehensive Social Studies series for Grade I – VIII. The series gives a basic introduction of History, Civics, Economics and Geography to prepare the learners for the middle school years where these subjects would be an important component of the curriculum. The series will equip them with the knowledge to understand the past, to cope with the present and to plan for the future. It will also help them to participate effectively whether in their play group, the school, the community, or the world.

This series offers

Warm up activities at the beginning of each lesson.

Fact file gives interesting and informative facts.

Project time encourages the students to do simple projects on what they have learnt.

Thinking time assists the students to apply Higher Order Thinking Skills.

Let’s recall recapitulates the salient points learnt in the chapter.

Answer  time has ample exercises that help students to practice what has been learnt.

Test papers help the teacher to test what has been learnt.